How to order

There are several options to buy pictures from an event:
Visiting our gallery, it's possible to browse throught the events that we covered and preview the pictures you're interested in; clicking on any of these pictures, a bigger preview will popup.
Here on you can procede in two ways: the faster one is
order through the website:
- In the overlayed preview, on the bottom side of the picture you can read "Compra questa foto" (Buy this Picture). Clicking on the desired product (Stampa=Print or File) the picture is added to your cart that will be then used to conclude your purchase. In this way you can post your order paying front using paypal or requesting payment details for bank money transfer or pay on delivery (if available)

If in trouble, there's always the good ol' way,
order through email or by telephone
- In the overlayed preview, on the bottom side of the picture you can read a code (eg. BNG_0123.jpg).
Before calling/writing us you gotta write down:
Event Name (eg. 2010-11-06_13 FUTURITY IRHA), Day (if available, eg: 01-SABATO), Class (es: 01-Open), rider and horse name (es: 01-999-Don Quixote-Rosinante) and the foresaid code of the picture.
Now you only need to call us or write us an email and give us this data along with preferred payment method and your address.
Shipping cost for A4/A5 prints and DVDs is:
Paypal or Bank money transfer: 7 €
Shipping will happen in a working week after receiving the payment receipt.

Videos of most events in this gallery are also available
Videos from 2015 to today cost 20 € each go
Pre-2015 videos cost 30 € per go and can take up to 20 business days to be escaped.

For English readers:
PREMIAZIONI=Awards Presentation

Tel: +39 051-582961
Cel: +39 347-4547106
Mo-Fri: 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT+1)


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